About Us

Glenn Cozzens is owner & founder of Lakefront Research LLC. He has personally started and managed four businesses, and has over 32 years of leadership experience in Operations and Product Development with both large and small high-tech companies. He has been on the Executive team for eight start-up companies, where one was taken public (IPO) and another was acquired by a fortune 500 company. Glenn was founder and leader of an Executive forum within a major venture capital firm and is sought out regularly in a consulting capacity. He is still an active executive in the high-tech community.

In 2003 Glenn entered the Internet Marketing field and has written multiple books, developed online courses and is a Jeff Walker trained Product Launch Manager. Glenn is an Internet Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author specializing in Personal Development and both online and offline Information Marketing, Glenn’s unique, simple and efficient approach to real life business challenges puts him in a position to help you reach your goals.

The Company Mission

To be known as a leader in helping people achieve their personal and financial goals, by providing “Tested” ideas, books and courses to assure their success.

To be known as a leader in helping start-up and early growth companies succeed, by researching and developing “Best-in-Class” management practices, processes and procedures to assure their success.

The Company Philosophy

The best way to achieve the life you want is to actually design it yourself. With both families and businesses, teams win more often and make better decisions than do individuals. This is what makes a master mind group so effective.

In business, having great or breakthrough technology is important, but not sufficient alone for success. Effective leadership, efficient teamwork, customer driven processes and a business built around honesty, integrity and data driven quality are essential for long-term success.

Glenn Cozzens and Lakefront Research want to be a part of your personal and professional master mind group by providing the tools you need to succeed.