Feedback From People Who Have Worked With Glenn

Glenn is an Internet marketing genius. Not only did he supply great ideas and strategies for better ways for me to market my business online, but he also showed me the step-by-step process and products I needed to put my plans in place, now. Glenn’s knowledge of the online marketing arena is unsurpassed. Moreover, he was an incredibly kind and patient consultant who took the time to make sure I fully understood everything I needed to know and do to succeed in the online marketing world. I highly recommend Glenn to anyone who wants to break into and succeed in the online marketing arena. – Michelle Butt

I met Glenn at a marketing workshop. A lot of the strategies that they recommended involve using technology such as word press, optimized press, A Weber, infusion soft, S3member, etc. etc. This was all Greek to me. After a brief conversation Glenn took the initiative to not only spell out what I needed, but he also did a flow chart to show me which programs were needed at each step along the way. This was unbelievably helpful given that I am not all that tech savvy. It saved tons of time and frustration. Not only does he know the technology, but he knows what I need, how to explain it, and is able to provide a step-by-step outline that makes the entire overwhelming project seem manageable. He is definitely an expert in his field who not only knows what to do, but more importantly can translate it into English so that non-techies can understand and get results. I would highly recommend him for any of your tech requirements. – Julie Kranitz-Andrade

I had the pleasure of working with Glenn at Harvest Automation. Glenn is a decisive and action oriented manager. He set clear expectations for the organization and his team and consistently met or exceeded them. He also very much a hands on manager, willing and able to jump into directly and indirectly related areas in order to move the project forward. I look forward to an opportunity to work with Glenn again. – Shana Cooper

Glenn is knowledgeable and clearly experienced with all aspects of supply chain management and manufacturing. I found him to be easy to work with. He was always focused on getting our robots built in as little time as possible while being sure they were built to all our quality and calibration standards. – Paul E. Sandin

Glenn is a very capable manager and did impressive work at Harvest building a team, starting and ramping up manufacturing of their robots. He is easy to get along with, relentlessly rational, and has a good balance of understanding the big picture while being able to track all the little details. – Tom Davidson

Glenn was an asset to the Hardware Development Group. When we needed support, be it hardware or software, he could bring the issues to a combined fix. Glenn had a good feel for the needs of both groups and would find a good solution that made the product better. He would be an asset to any group. I wouldn’t hesitate joining any group that he lead. – Mark Buscemi

Glenn is a highly skilled and intelligent program manager. His understanding of the design and manufacturing process made for an efficient project. Glenn’s knowledge of operations would be an asset to any organization. – Greg Guerra

At Ambient, Glenn brought a high level of professionalism along with an energy level that was a refreshing change. His commitment to success was infectious and made those around him more capable contributors. Glenn is a versatile and valuable asset. – Andy Bellezza

Glenn and I interacted at the project level, he as Program Manager, and I as the design engineer responsible for technical content. Glenn was always professional and detail oriented. He kept the thousand details of the project organized and worked with the development team to ensure that all product goals were met. I’d gladly work with him again if the chance comes along. – George Giordano

In the brief time that I worked with Glenn, I was impressed with his drive, focus and instinct to accomplish core projects. Providing in-depth and timely updates, Glenn reliably communicated progress with key projects and the impact on business objectives. His “can do” attitude towards challenging tasks kept him deeply engaged, and his desire to succeed always showed. – Mark Fidler

Glenn was always a consummate professional at Ambient Corp. He communicated effectively and organized and scheduled our new product development phase. Glenn would act as the glue holding multiple teams of the company together to accomplish a common goal. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Glenn to any prospective employer, and would work with him again if given the opportunity. – Tony Ferraro

I worked with Glenn briefly on some of my projects, on which he was the Program Manager. I feel that he conducted himself in a very respectful, honest, and professional manner at all times in my presence. He seemed knowledgeable of the Program Management function within the company, and would probably be a good addition to some other company’s PM organization. – Al James

Glenn has excellent working knowledge and great experience in the full product life-cycle, taking products through to full production. He can quickly improve existing business processes or create them where they are needed to make the business run more efficiently. He has a very direct and results-based approach that can benefit companies both large and small. – Ernest Morin

Glenn is a hard working manager who quickly understands issues presented, how they affect the entire business, and what they mean for the bottom line. He presents workable solutions, drawing from past experience. Glenn keeps in touch with managers and other employees without being over-bearing or hovering. He recognizes when help is needed, and conversely, when to let personnel find their own way on projects to aid in their personal development. – Cheryl Farres

Glenn is an excellent Manufacturing and Operations manager with outstanding ability to put systems in place that will make an operation hum like a well oiled machine. He can help any sized organization grow quickly and effectively, and will help build a solid foundation for any company. – Rick Schwerdtfeger

Glenn is a highly focused and results oriented executive, with strong operations and engineering experience. He has demonstrated exceptional ability to manage in a matrix environment both domestically and internationally. Glenn is a strategic thinker with excellent communications, interpersonal and managerial skills. As well as a broad business acumen. A strong team player focused on achieving positive results, and would be considered an asset for any organization. – Michael Mascitell

I worked for Glenn and know him to be an effective and proficient executive with good ideas and extensive knowledge of manufacturing business systems. Likewise, I found Glenn to be an advocate for employees subordinate to him. – Michael Brennan

Most people may look at this recommendation as bias considering Glenn is my father, however I think that’s a mistake to assume that. I had the honor of working under my Dad. He not only treated me like another employee but he may of even been a little harder on me to work the best I can. The way he kept people motivated and working hard was enlightening, and I look up to not only how hard he worked 9-5, but also 5 till the time he goes to bed. His work ethic is now what I strive to follow every day and I highly recommend him for any company because I know from experience he puts everything into his work. – Andrew Cozzens

While leading an external PR team for several years, I observed, first hand, Glenn’s work advancing new products and upgrades, while managing complex design and manufacturing processes for several products at one time. He consistently brought order and efficiency to these critical tasks, against pressing deadlines and customer demands, while ensuring optimal QA. Glenn’s team skills and calm-under-pressure personality complement his expertise managing products from development through shipment and support. – Larry Bouchie

I had the pleasure to work with Glenn as a peer on the executive team. Glenn was responsible for engineering and operations during a period of rapid growth in the product portfolio. I found Glenn to be extremely efficient and organized in his approach to product development and supply chain management. His ability to assure product was available even when fluctuations in the forecast and industry component shortages arose was impressive. With his extensive technical knowledge and strong team management capabilities, Glenn would be a valuable addition to the executive team of any large or small company developing innovative products. – David Emma

Glenn and I worked together for almost 4 years. During his tenure at the company, in addition to streamlining our manufacturing and fulfillment organization, he also led the development and implementation of our product lifecycle process. He has deep knowledge about operational processes and would be an asset to any team. – Ravi Pappu

Glenn was responsible for Engineering and Operations during a period of rapid growth in the companies product portfolio. I worked directly with Glenn as an engineering project manager for new product development, when I found Glenn extremely perceptive and insightful with his suggestions for maintaining a win-win relationship with contract manufacturing. At ThingMagic, he did a great job overseeing the engineering (software and hardware) product development and the operations management teams for all the products while ensuring that production kept pace with the varying forecasts during and after the economic downturn. With his extensive technical knowledge and strong team management capabilities, Glenn would be a valuable addition to the executive team of any company developing innovative engineering products. – Krishna Srikrishna

I worked indirectly for Glenn in the engineering department for 4 years. Glenn has tremendous experience managing manufacturing processes in the electronic industry. He supervised the manufacturing of various products from Beta to production quality seamlessly. Glenn guided me with career advancement options that proved to be beneficial to me as well as the company. Glenn would be an excellent addition to your company in an executive role. – Kapil Asher

Glenn was responsible for Engineering and Operations Group during a period of rapid growth. He was able to bring additional manufacturing capacity on-line quickly when sales recovered more rapidly than anticipated from the economic downturn, and he successfully resolved issues resulting from suppliers cutting back on inventory as they weathered the downturn themselves. I interacted with Glenn most frequently in his role as Program Manager for new product development, for which he successfully developed and introduced a product life-cycle process. I found Glenn very easy to work with and very straight-forward in his dealings with co-workers and vendors. Glenn would be a valuable addition to the executive team of any company facing similar challenges and opportunities. – Daniel Ratner

I worked with Glen for 4 years where he managed several groups in our company. Glen is extremely capable executive to run the product development or operations team with great deal of discipline in following product life cycle process. I would highly recommend Glenn for a leadership position in any operations or product development team. – Harinath Reddy

Without a doubt, Glenn is the most skilled operations manager I have had the pleasure of working with. Incredible bandwidth, impressive decision making, acute business sense, and a remarkable ability for getting things done under budget describe just a few of Glenn’s many talents. Glenn is a natural leader who is committed to helping his organization operate at peak performance – and they do. He has a unique ability to see through adversity and make sense out of turmoil. His attention to detail enables him to consistently deliver quality products on time and on budget. Rumor has it that he has a cape with big “S” on it in his closet. I believe it. – Glenn Lundgren

I’ve found Glenn to be an honest, professional business partner through my interactions with him at Microboard Processing, Inc. His tact and approach in working together to come to a mutual agreement when faced with challenges has been nothing but professional. Glenn is an asset to all parties involved in a business partnership and would be someone I would give no hesitation to working with again in the future. – Jennifer Mace

From a product manager perspective, Glenn brought extensive knowledge and discipline to the organization. His experience and insight is much greater than operations. He consistently gave me confidence that customer’s needs would be the priority while keeping the integrity of our quality and pricing. I would highly recommend Glenn. – Rychee Brown

Managing a smooth transition from development project into actual manufactured product is a difficult thing to do, and Glenn does it very well. I’ve worked as a design consultant to the company on several projects and am impressed by Glenn’s ability to keep track of details while also having the big picture in focus. – Scott Lefton

Glenn worked closely with the combined Operations and Engineering teams to transition a product line from design stages into prototype and full production. He was knowledgeable in Materials, Operations and Engineering aspects for the transition. He maintained a high energy level with a “hands on” management style. I recommend Glenn in any the above mentioned Materials, Operations or Engineering management capacities without reservation. – Tony Bruzzese

Glenn and I worked briefly together. What I noticed about Glenn during this time was Glenn’s true professional aptitude across the product line from concept role out, implementation to production release. Glenn experiences and insight allowed for true collaboration within all the functional teams as the product exited and entered the different phases. Glenn brings an avuncular disposition and oversight to the project team thus true team chemistry and product ownership was achieved when GA occurred. – Vic Silvestri

Glenn is a versatile executive who has effectively lead cross-functional groups including operations, engineering/development and marketing. He is analytical, creative and collaborative- his contributions to task-level activities, as well as strategic initiatives while we worked together were exceptional. – Peter Cary

Glenn and I were both part of the management team at ThingMagic. He is a very capable engineering and operations professional, able to manage a variety of development projects simultaneously, all the while juggling resources to meet sometimes changing production schedules, all with skill and aplomb. Glenn was a great colleague, someone I would be very happy to work with again. – Elaine Bresnick

Having worked with Glenn both as a supplier to his company and in a consulting capacity, I have found Glenn to be a highly talented and versatile executive. Perhaps even more important than his competence, Glenn’s personal style, integrity, and emphasis on win-win solutions engendered trust and confidence in his business partners. Glenn would be a great asset to any organization in need of a savvy product development or operations executive. – James (Jim) DiBurro

Glenn is a passionate leader who always finds creative solutions to keeping initiatives on track ensuring on time delivery and quality results. He is as comfortable working on business strategy, vendor and customer relations, as he is working directly on implementations. He is flexible enough to work in many capacities at once while ensuring things don’t slip through the cracks and high value projects are addressed promptly and successfully. Glenn is also very personable and a pleasure to work with. – Pete Blumenthal

Glenn is a highly competent, business-oriented engineering manager. He brought a great deal of discipline to a bright and capable engineering organization and shipped several major releases of our hardware/software products on time. Through his excellent knowledge of hardware production processes, Glenn was able to reduce the cost of our existing products and accurately estimate the hardware costs for new products under development. I would highly recommend Glenn for a leadership position in any hardware/software engineering or operations team. – Margaret Wasserman

I was responsible for International Sales and worked with Glenn for a couple of years. Glenn was very communicative on the production commitments and always keen to meet the needs of Customers if at all possible. His ability to see and communicate the long-term goals and develop the plans to meet those goals was very important. I enjoyed working with Glenn and highly recommend him. – Mark Stanton

From his years of experience Glenn has the business, technical and operations know-how that enable him to be a very effective leader. He knows exactly what it takes to bring a complicated product through the entire product life-cycle. He has the ability to understand key technical challenges while maintaining the overall big picture. – Paul Franzosa

Glenn skills extend way beyond operations, enabling him to contribute across the entire business. He the perfect guy to build out a new management team. – Patrick Curley

I worked with Glenn at a start-up company in Massachusetts. Glenn was responsible for laying the ground work in Manufacturing & Operations. He worked hard to with vendors and contract manufacturers to set up and manage our third party hardware integration and our custom hardware production. Glenn also worked on setting up our PLM database and outlining the overseas shipping requirements. I found Glenn to be an organized and responsible colleague. – Karl Vinacco

I worked with Glenn while he was Director of Manufacturing. From the supplier side of the business, I found Glenn to be extremely knowledgeable and an easy customer to work with. Glenn’s uncommon, broad range of knowledge helped us achieve exceptionally high performance products, while closely managing rigorous quality and cost targets. – Adam Schoolski

Glenn was hired by the CEO as a Consultant to help Revivio setup their manufacturing operations. Though he was only there a short time he was able to put the manufacturing infrastructure and supplier base in place while also pulling together cross functional teams and internal processes. Glenn was extremely efficient and professional and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him without reservation for any Engineering or Manufacturing Operations Executive position. – Kirby Wadsworth

Glenn reported to me as Director of Manufacturing at Reef Point Systems. He did a superb job of establishing and managing relationships with our contract manufacturers and implementing cost reduction programs in the midst of a major product transition at the Company. – Stephen Diamond

As Director of Manufacturing and Operations, Glenn was able to take a very complex product from early development to a very cost-effective first customer shipment. Glenn consistently worked directly with suppliers to ensure timely delivery of hardware components to meet product schedules regardless of the engineering changes that normally interrupt the manufacturing process. His diverse experience in all phases of manufacturing operations and supply chain management made him a valuable addition to our organization. We could always count on Glenn for quality customer shipments, often assembled well below the projected budget! – Steve Brousseau

Glenn is a results-oriented and proven executive in manufacturing and operations within the telecom/data networking industry. As VP of Operations at WaterCove Networks, he successfully established a manufacturing operation for a complex, carrier-grade telecommunications product; led WaterCove to achieve ISO9001:2000 certification efficiently; and implemented comprehensive ERP, RCM and EDI systems, which eventually allowed for a streamlined transition into Alcatel operations after Alcatel’s acquisition of WaterCove. I strongly recommend Glenn for any high-level manufacturing and/or operations position. – Ellis Wong

Glenn is an excellent executive, who can balance the need of the job and the working environment for the people that report to him. – Peter Boers

I worked when he was the V.P. of Operations. He skillfully guided our products through manufacturing and test. He was a proactive team leader dedicated to a quality product delivered on time and within budget. It was a pleasure working with Glenn and I highly recommend him. – Marvin Scheinbart

Glenn built and managed a very effective operations group. Very detail-oriented. He established and managed the processes by which our products/systems were built and assembled, working with Engineering, Biz Dec/Sales groups in the company, and external vendors and suppliers. – Wen Han

Glenn is an experienced operations executive with a proven track record of delivering complex products on time and on budget and would highly recommend him. – Jayesh Patel

Glenn is an outstanding business leader. He rapidly established and managed a manufacturing operation for a complex telecommunications hardware product involving many vendors and sub-contractors. He earns high respect from both manufacturing and design engineers and is excellent at integrating the two disciplines. – Nigel Watkins

Glenn is a driven professional who was instrumental in this early stage start-up. As the first operations employee, he jumped in taking prototype designs and established manufacturing procedures and processes while working closely with engineering. – David Newcomb

Glenn and I worked together at a start-up for 2 years. I found Glenn to possess outstanding leadership skills as well as being a great all-around guy. He effectively put together Manufacturing and Document Control teams, while finding time to assist with the needs of the HW Engineering group of which I was a part. He’s enthusiastic and motivated and I would not hesitate working with Glenn in the future. – Barry Krieger

As VP of Operations Glenn was always there to help out with our needs in engineering and lend a hand in getting whatever we needed done. Glenn also worked collaboratively with us in hardware engineering to define and refine the manufacturing and documentation process, and would always solicit our suggestions to make the process the best it could be. A true professional, team player and straight shooter. I’d recommend Glenn for any number of roles and would be happy to work with him in future endeavors if the opportunity presented itself. – Joseph Notaro

I worked with Glenn at Watercove Networks. He oversaw the document control group (among others), and I interfaced with that group while the company adopted a PLM system. I found Glenn to be a great guy to work with, who had a good sense of the entire manufacturing process. He struck a good balance between management and letting his people do their work without interfering. Years later, while I was working for a PLM company and Glenn at a different company, he adopted my company’s PLM system and demonstrated a good understand of that process, having obviously learned many lessons from the PLM implementation at Watercove. – Marshall Wood

Glenn was on the executive team with me for over two years. He was highly qualified as our VP of Operations, had excellent instincts, a strong work ethic, and top people management skills. I would highly recommend him for any similar position. – Jim Elvidge

Glenn is an excellent Operations VP. He has an outstanding grasp of the entire manufacturing process, quality control and inventory management. He is very hands-on and has the ability to get things done. He is also hard working and is driven to succeed in every job he does. – Rajeev Agarwal

Glenn accomplished a great many things while at Interspeed. He was an integral part of readying the company for successfully going public. His operational knowledge and leadership skills were visible and recognized throughout the organization. We all felt very comfortable with Glenn in his position, as we knew that he would deliver the highest level of commitment and quality. I enjoyed working with Glenn and I highly recommend him as an asset anywhere. – Radu Craioveanu

Glenn is very organized, exhibits control and confidence, and knows how to motivate people. I worked with Glenn and his team on implementing code for platform diagnostics and functional test stations. His leadership was instrumental in defining and refining processes for improved product quality. – Ed Holmes

Working with Glenn was nothing but a pleasure. In a difficult start-up environment, Glenn did an incredible job in making sure our customers were always taken very good care of. I highly recommend Glenn and would jump at the opportunity to work with him again in the future. – Chris Whalen

Glenn was very efficient and thorough in his valuable role heading up the manufacturing and operations group. He was a pleasure to work with and I endorse him with high regards. – Skip Carlson

Glenn ran Ops/Mfg at the same start-up I ran Engineering, we faced some interesting and unique challenges. We were a good team. He had good business instincts, and was influential on matters affecting product development, like DFM and product cost/margin direction. I had always hoped we’d get a chance to work together again (and we may yet!). – Joe Massery

“I worked with Glenn where he headed up the Manufacturing and Operations groups for the Company. As the HR Director, I worked with Glenn on staffing his organization during a high growth period. Glenn was the most experienced executive at the company. He brought great insight and wisdom to the Team. Glenn ran a very efficient organization. He was respected by his staff and colleagues, I would characterized Glenn as a hard working, ethical, and efficient manager. It would be a pleasure to work with him again. I would highly recommend him to any employer seeking someone with his skill set.” – Betty Kochergin

I worked for Glenn as the company’s sole manufacturing engineer in a start-up environment, which required filling multiple roles, in which some I had little experience. In these areas, Glenn guided me toward the right path while expressing confidence in my abilities. He is adept at creating a skilled professional team, mentoring as needed, and executing stretch goals to form a successful company. He is technically well-rounded and is happy to personally lend a hand to any task required of his team. He is equally comfortable assembling product or presenting to senior executives. His vision and detailed planning are the tools he brings to an organization, for both near-term projects and long-term corporate goals. I highly recommend Glenn and would be happy to work with or for him again. – Joyce Lachance

Glenn is a consummate operations executive that has the product knowledge, operations expertise, and interpersonal skills to run an organization that can consistently convert orders to revenue without gotchas along the way. Any company of any size would do well by Glenn’s skill set and experience to augment its management team. – Ken Osowski

I had the opportunity to work with Glenn at a challenging time in the life of a young company. As the company’s flagship product began the transition from the lab into the field, the stresses on manufacturing were significant – frequent product hardware and software changes, new supplier and third-party manufacturer relationships, uncertain volume requirements, etc. Through this time of turmoil, Glenn led his manufacturing team with a calm and steadying hand, successfully balancing the often contradictory demands of sales, product management, and engineering. He understood what was required to launch a product, and a company, and he delivered with a positive attitude and a smile. His commitments to product quality and team and process development were exemplary. I heartily recommend Glenn to any company facing similarly daunting challenges. – Steve Converse

Glenn exhibited excellent leadership skills and was a true team player. He performed with grace under pressure. He and his team were regarded as reliable and professional. The hand-off process from engineering to manufacturing was always a positive experience, due to his attention to detail and process. Lastly, he demonstrated strong communication skills, both verbal and through documentation. – Bill Edmondson

I worked for Glenn as a test engineer. Working for him was very challenging and rewarding. Glenn expects nothing but the best from his people. Instead of simply demanding perfection and then waiting for the results, he works with them, lending his expertise and works alongside them when needed. Personally I have seen Glenn come out onto the test floor, roll up his sleeves, and get involved. He isn’t afraid to work. Glenn is able to provide a vision that steers people along the correct path to successfully complete any project. I have always been impressed with Glenn’s attitude and experience. Glenn has been great to work for and under his leadership, I have grown personally and professionally. I highly recommend Glenn Cozzens to any organization that is seeking excellence in every facet of it’s executive staff. – Jim Kathios

I had the pleasure of working with Glenn in the nineties. My group in Engineering, made sure that the products were reliable and Glenn accepted those products into the manufacturing organization. He also represented manufacturing on the program teams. Glenn has always been great to work with. He always seeks input from those around him. He has broad knowledge of manufacturing and product development processes. – Chuck Carelis

I had the pleasure of working with Glenn at two companies. At PictureTel in the mid-nineties, we were peers. My group developed new products and Glenn accepted those products into the manufacturing organization and represented manufacturing on the program team. Then in 2006 or 2007, Glenn came to ThingMagic to run Manufacturing. In that case I reported to Glenn. He has always been great to work with. He sees the big picture and understands the relationship between the big picture and all the details. He is always thoughtful and rational. He seeks input from those around him. He has broad knowledge of manufacturing and product development processes. I have seen him successfully deploy dozens of complex products. I recommend him and would work with him again. – Rich Leitermann

Glenn initially reported to me and managed Test and Manufacturing Engineers. He was identified to lead a continuous improvement team, reporting to the VP of Operations, to drive significant improvement in product quality(DOA) performance. He successfully improved performance results using TQM methods, Kaizen and Statistical Process Control (SPC). Glenn was an energetic, knowledgeable team leader and manager that subsequently directed technical operations. Glenn’s technical skills and management experience would be an asset to any future employer. – Jack Kovalcik

Having worked with Glenn in the Test Engineering support group for new products, I found him to be highly professional and knowledgeable in the Test Engineering theory and programming practices. I would welcome the opportunity to work with or for Glenn in the future. – Claude Berube