72x108Focus Your Life

The best way to predict your future is to design it yourself!

Before you can really design the life you want, you must figure out exactly what it is that you want. You have been raised with the values and beliefs of your parents and the people around you. Have you ever sat and thought about whether they make sense for you? Are you working to achieve someone else's goals or your own? True success is not only about money, cars, boats, giant homes or fame. All of these things certainly can add to the quality of your life, but in many cases don’t. True personal success is becoming the kind of person you want to be and working towards your true goals on a consistent basis to set up life on your terms. This course will walk you through every aspect of your life so you can redesign it from the ground up.

3D-Ultimate-Business-tinyStart a Home Based Offline Direct Marketing Business

Set up your own business that could replace your job and provide financial independence and freedom!

Lets face it, it’s a lot of work to run your own business and most people give up after hitting a point where they don’t know what to do next. People buy course after course and never really GET STARTED… There is a better way! If you could craft The Ultimate Home Business in every respect, this is what you would come up with! “The Ultimate Business” is NOT an Internet based Business! It could however, easily be translated to the Internet. It is a step-by-step course which takes you through setting up a simple home based business that can easily replace your job!. This business could work for anyone and could bring you to FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. The amount of money people are making in this business is astonishing while having the ultimate in a flexible life-style. Stop worrying about your future, your job and the economy and take charge by succeeding in your own Home Based Business Today! This course gets you started in a simple and complete step-by-step fashion, and builds from there. Even if you plan on a 100% Internet Business, this information is essential for your success.

150Evolving Funnel

Teaching you how a sales funnel evolves from no products to a full suite!

Do you ever wonder why other Internet Marketers seem to be making money and you are not? Do you find it confusing as you are presented with product after product selling software tools and courses, not knowing how the product fits into the overall scheme or even if it’s important? Do you continue to buy these products as you feel like you will be missing out if you don’t and you want to be sure you have the “Right” stuff to be successful? Are you confused about what a funnel is and how to create one when you are starting with limited or no product to sell? 

Let me demystify some of this for you. The reality is each of the products you see for sale is likely only one small part of a larger infrastructure you will have in a successful internet marketing business. Many of the products are solutions for problems that have many different alternatives already available. Many of them, while they look very cool, you don’t need them at all to be successful. You are confused because you don’t understand how and where these products fit into the overall puzzle.

What happens next is that you continue to look for a better or easier way to achieve your dreams. You’re being sold on a lifestyle, but never really being told the path to get there starting from scratch.

Persistence and focus are something you need to have in this business. If you think you have these traits, let me show you the path to success starting from no product at all. In this free course I will show you the path starting from no product and growing up through a large product launch and even how to integrate a membership site. The course is called Funnel Evolution and it can be yours today for free.

WebToolCoachSetup Your Web Presence and Learn the Technical Side of Internet Information Marketing!

A Membership Site with 600+ video tutorials, 10 ebooks, checklists, definitions, graphics, hundreds of resource links and more teaching the technical side of Internet Marketing. Updated and current, this site teaches you step-by-step “How” to get it done!

As part of Lakefront Research's development we have realized most people who buy online courses give up shortly after the purchase when they hit a technical roadblock. When they hit this roadblock, they proceed to buy another course hoping it will be easier to implement. We believe this is the single most prevalent reason why people get into a mode of buying one course after another and never actually making any money. Lakefront Research has developed the most comprehensive membership site teaching the technical side of implementing Internet Information Marketing one step at a time. This will shave years off your learning curve. This includes everything you will need to know from designing your business around your life goals, how to actually run a home based business and then a deep dive into all aspects of Internet Information Marketing.

Are you already a Marketer? Add this to your funnel so your customers have the tools and knowledge they need to implement your course! Adding this membership site with 6 Expert Levels to your Marketing Funnel will ensure your customers have the knowledge and confidence to implement the technical pieces of your program, system or course creating a more satisfied customer for you.