Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing comes in many forms, from selling on EBay, eBooks, Affiliate Marketing, Webinars to developing and selling your own high ticket products. We stay up-to-date on the latest processes that work online and present them to our customers.

Lakefront Research has analyzed hundreds of online business opportunities and personal success courses. At Lakefront Research, if an effective solution isn't available for an online business or personal challenge, we research and create one from scratch.

Likewise, every solution presented or recommended by Lakefront Research goes through a thorough analysis before it is recommended to our customers.

As part of this development we have realized most people who buy online courses give up shortly after the purchase when they hit a technical roadblock. When they hit this roadblock, they proceed to buy another course hoping it will be easier to implement. We believe this is the single most prevalent reason why people get into a mode of buying one course after another and never actually making any money. This is why Lakefront Research has developed a very comprehensive tech course with over 450 videos showing the tech side of Internet Marketing one step at a time. This course is called WebToolCoach. You can learn more HERE.