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Internet Marketing Speaking / Training / Coaching:

With all the Internet Guru’s in the marketplace today, it’s hard to determine exactly how to get started. Most of the courses and speakers today focus on strategies that assume the customer already has a background in web development and marketing strategies. The newbie walks away from that with many questions about what tools to use, how to implement them, where to start and how to create a business from scratch that can replace their full time job. What typically happens next is the newbie will buy a course, get part way into it and hit a roadblock. Then they stop and look for another course which looks easier to implement. This can be an endless loop of buying and trying to learn, and in the end, no progress is made. This leads to massive frustration or just walking away from the business before they actually get started. We specialize in taking the newbie from this place to an up-and-running business where money actually starts to flow. We find that once a person gets to this level, they are more apt to stick with it and expand into more elaborate techniques. We can accommodate individuals or groups and can do anything from a one-on-one coaching calls, full day strategy sessions to full hands on training sessions.

Sales Funnel Design Consulting / Coaching:

There are a multitude of methods for creating the most effective sales funnel for your business. If done correctly, you never have to worry about where to get traffic from as you can simply buy it and you will be profitable. We specialize in sales funnels as small as one eBook to large scale corporate sales funnels with hundreds of products. We can help you with your opt-in page, sales page, one-time-offers, up-sells, down-sells, coupons, special offers, cost per action (CPA), etc. etc. Using your cost per click (CPC) and funnel conversion numbers we calculate your earnings-per-click (EPC) and then show you how to roll out advertising at the appropriate time. We can walk you from long-tail keywords up through the highly competitive keywords without losing money. We can set your funnel up to start with little to no advertising budget or create one to take advantage of  multi-million dollar budgets. The flow of your sales funnel can make or break your business and should be the first step in designing your online business. “Design the Funnel First” and you will have a roadmap to success. Let us help you get there.

Personal Life and Success Coaching:

The focus of coaching is you! Coaching will help you identify and create opportunities for personal success — opportunities aligned with your true nature that you may not be recognizing today. Step-by-step, at the speed you and your coach set, you get to where you want to go in every aspect of your life. You tend to become whatever you focus on, and this program is designed to help you figure out what you have been focusing on, what you need to be focusing on and how to “Redirect Your Life” to achieve your true success.

You will have a personal coach throughout the program. They will help you through every step of the process and hold you accountable for continued progress. The program includes 10 weekly TeleCoaching calls and the “How to Redirect Your Life” course book. This is an intense program that requires a high level of personal responsibility and initiative. It will require you to learn how to “Focus” on your life and what’s really important to you. This program will completely change your life in a very short time.

We can only work with a small number of clients at a time and this program is in high demand, so it must be scheduled for mutual benefit.

Executive Coaching or Mentoring:

Every executive can benefit from an impartial observer to listen, penalty free, to issues, concerns and ideas. We can act as a sounding board to the executive, without the fear of risk of embarrassment or the perception of second-guessing by those within the company. By listening to the executive and giving an impartial experienced point-of-view, the executive can be more effective with team or individual motivation, working through peer or subordinate disagreements, as well as concept or idea validation. We work with the executive one-on-one in a completely confidential and trustworthy manor to enable them to be more effective, wiser, make more timely decisions, and face personal challenges so they can grow in a more expeditious manor. This relationship can be one of Coaching (where you make the ultimate decisions) or one of Mentoring (where we make recommendations to meet your goals). 

Start a Home Based Business Ultimate Business Coaching:

We will personally coach you through telephone calls and email as you walk through “The Ultimate Business” course. As you implement this simple home based business and questions come up, you can send an email to get them answered. This course takes you from nothing to a fully functioning Direct Marketing Business selling information products

We will be your personal coach throughout every step of the process and hold you accountable for continued progress so you don’t give up. The program includes weekly telecoaching calls and the “The Ultimate Business” course book. This is an intense program that requires a high level of personal responsibility and initiative. It will require you to make consistent progress and with our help you have full access to the knowledge and persistence required to become financially independent.

Business Process Re-Engineering in the High-Tech Environment:

Small companies sometimes get caught between conserving cash and making the right decisions for company development and growth. In most cases product development moves forward at the expense of internal business process development. If neglected for too long, the company finds itself redoing much of its early process development work as it reaches a point where efficient business processes are required to “get to the next level.” Processes such as the Part Numbering / Product Structure Process, Revision Control / Engineering Change Process, New Product Introduction / Product Life Cycle Process, and Sales Order Fulfillment Processes can have a huge impact on the company if they aren’t done right the first time and early in the company’s life. These processes can destroy even the most thought out ERP implementation if they aren’t done in an organized manor. We work with young companies to develop or consult in the development of business processes which are simple and effective for the early years, yet have the ability to ramp along with the company without creating redundant work. We like to get involved as early as possible, as this allows the company to focus on product development, marketing and sales, instead of creating and recreating internal business processes. Sometimes just an early awareness meeting has an amazing effect on the company’s effectiveness. We also specialize in implementing Quality Systems and taking the young company to ISO9000:2008 certification. Kaizans, quality improvement initiatives, cost reduction efforts and supply chain improvements are also part of this effort.